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Spiritual Diversity and Social Work in Korea

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     This website is dedicated to the promotion of respect, wisdom, and skill among professional social
workers and allied advocates around the world regarding diverse religious and nonreligious spiritual
perspectives.  We encourage world wide solidarity and cooperation
among those who are committed to health, well-being, peace, and
justice for all people and all beings (See sponsorship for background
information as well as for link to the site director's-- Professor
Edward R. Canda's--faculty homepage).  
    The Spiritual Diversity and Social Work Resource Center is                                                                      co-sponsored by the Society for Spirituality and Social Work and the                                                          Canadian Society for Spirituality and Social Work.  Please click the                                               sponsorship link above for more information on sponsorship and funding.

The links in the navigation bar above offer access to the following:

  • an annotated list of bibliographic and internet based
    information resources;
  • essays summarizing key insights from various world religious traditions on health and well-being with related internet links;
  • links to international websites on social work and spiritual diversity;
  • links to websites on health and spirituality;
  • a directory of international contacts for networking
  • a guide to help religious congregations form an action committee that promotes personal and social well-being.
  • guidelines and modules for educators

The links in the navigation bar to the left offer access to the following:

  • a photo gallery with explanations related to ideals, places, an practices of diverse spiritual perspectives and themes around the world;
  • a detailed slide presentation about spiritual diversity in Korean social work.
  • multilingual materials