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Spiritual Diversity Photo Gallery


       The Spiritual Diversity Photo Gallery presents an appreciative visual introduction to a variety of spiritual traditions and themes in the world. The purpose is to pique viewers' interest in the great diversity of religious and nonreligious spiritual expressions and their potential to contribute to peace, health, and justice. However, there is no intent to judge or promote any particular spiritual path. I hope that these photos encourage you to learn more about the spiritual perspectives that interest you. You might find the other links in the Spiritual Diversity and Social Work Global Resource Center home page helpful as a start. For example, click here for essays on World Religious Views of Health and Healing. For those who would like to explore further information about diverse religions, click on the following links: Rutgers University's Virtual Religion Index.

Most of the photographs are from my research travels around the world, so they are not representative of all spiritual traditions or any particular religion.

-Edward R. Canda

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These photographs are copyrighted by Edward R. Canda (2004, 2007, 2010). They may be printed and used for educational purposes in schools and spiritual groups as long as credit is given. However, they may not be reproduced or distributed for sale or profit.

Photo Credits: All photographs are by Edward R. Canda (EC) unless indicated otherwise by initials. HC = Hwi-Ja Canda; E CH = Edward Cheung; LE = Lindsay Eplee, SG= Sachiko Gomi; NJ = Natalie Jefferson; AK = Aaron Ketchell; MK = Mark Karpinski; LS = Lauren Sullivan; SM = Susana Mariscal; LP = Loretta Pyles; VP = Vicki Peoples; ES = Elizabeth Snyder; VS= Vincent Starnino. All photographs were edited by EC. Two digit numbers indicate the year of photograph (e.g. 98 = 1998).

Thanks to Phillip Dybicz, Andrea Pfeiffer, and Sachiko Gomi for assistance editing the gallery.