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Alcoholics Anonymous
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      Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an informal society of men and women who support each other in their efforts to achieve and maintain sobriety. AA was formed in 1935 in Akron, Ohio when Dr. Bob S., a surgeon in Akron, was inspired to stop drinking by Bill W., a New York stockbroker, who shared with Dr. Bob his story of recovery. Bill W. had been working with Dr, Samuel Shoemaker, an Episcopal clergyman, who helped Bill get sober by viewing alcoholism as a disease of the mind, body and emotions that yet could be suppressed through discovering a spiritual centeredness. Dr. Shoemaker encouraged Bill to provide service to other alcoholics as a vehicle for maintaining his sobriety. Dr. Bob attributed his newfound sobriety to Bill's perspective on alcoholism as a disease and the profound effect of Bill sharing his story of recovery. The two began working with alcoholics at Akron hospital, and soon after formed Alcoholics Anonymous.
      Today, membership is estimated at over 2,000,000. Yet the basic tenets remain the same. Individuals gather together on a regular basis to share their experiences, and thus, offer each other strength, hope, support, and inspiration. The road to recovery is based upon a Twelve Step process in which one of the steps asks the participant to seek this spiritual centeredness through giving oneself over to a higher power. They describe their organization as a fellowship of men and women. There are no dues or fees (being self supporting through voluntary contributions) and there are no requirements for joining except for the expressed desire to stop drinking.


Alano Club



Coffee Pot
(Symbol of AA)

Red Road AA
(Meeting Place for Indigenous AA Members)

United Methodist Church (AA Meeting Place)