Personal Interests

  Edward R. Canda, M. A., MSW, Ph.D.
  Director of the Office for Research on Spiritual Diversity in Social Work

  School of Social Welfare
  Twente Hall
  1545 Lilac Lane, Room 203
  Lawrence, KS 66044-3184
  (785) 864-8939             Fax: (785) 864-5277
  edc@ku.edu                   Curriculum Vitae

 Courtesy Professor,                            Member,
 Department of Religious Studies          Center for East Asian Studies

 Syllabi for 
   Social Welfare Courses

SW 870
Spiritual Aspects of 
Social Work Practice


Study Abroad in Korea: Culture, Social Welfare and Spiritual Diversity


Circle of Unity and Spiritual Diversity
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Summary of  
   Professional Interests     

Spiritual diversity in social
work theory and practice

Philosophy of social work

Qualitative research

International social work

Korean social welfare in
relation to Korean
philosophy and religions

East Asian perspectives on
social work

Resilience in Relation to
Health and Medical


"Great learning radiates bright virtue and rests in the highest excellence."
-- Adapted from the Confucian classic, The Great Learning.